Helping You Navigate Today's Challenges 

We help couples and families with their relationships. Do you and your partner struggle with positive communication, resolving problems effectively, intimacy, or a lack of trust? Do you find you are repeating the same arguments over and over? Do you want to find more joy in your relationship? Do you wish you and your partner were on the same page? We can help you create the safe and positive relationship you are seeking.

Or you could be looking for help with your children. If you and your family are dealing with the many challenges facing parents and children today, we are here to help.  Maybe you wonder if you are too lenient or too strict as a parent, never sure what really works for your child, Embark Counseling can help.

Perhaps you would like to focus on yourself.  Do you find yourself struggling with anxiety, depression or trauma?  Embark’s team can support you as you learn new tools to overcome these challenges.

Family and Parenting Therapy Embark Counseling Colorado
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Diane Melancon Therapist Colorado Embark Counseling
Darcia DeSalvo Therapist Colorado Embark Counseling

Who Are We?
And Why We Do What We Do?

Darcia DeSalvo and Diane Melancon, managing partners, have a combined 60 years of counseling experience. Embark is fortunate to have a team of experienced therapists with a wide range of strengths and expertise that will help you identify ways to get your life going in a positive direction. In addition to working with individuals and their needs, Embark is passionate in working with families and couples.   [Click Here to Learn More...]