All you need is love

Feb 02, 2015

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It's February, time for hearts and flowers.  Some chocolate wouldn't hurt either. While those are wonderful Valentine ideas, you might want some other ideas to help you connect with your partner and children in meaningful ways.  Here are some ideas to try in February and all year long. 


  • The 6 second kiss - John Gottman reports that couples who kiss for 6 seconds every day are more connected and less likely to separate. 
  • Read to your child:  Did I tell you that I love you today?  by Deloris Jordan, Michael Jordan's mother.  What a great Valentine gift.  Many sweet conversations could start when you sit down to read this with your little one. Or even your slightly larger child.
  • Touch - often!  Those little touches on the arm of your partner, rubbing your teenagers shoulders when they don't want to be hugged, patting or rubbing your toddler's back at nap time all go a long way to express your love and keep you connected through hectic daily activities.
  • Activities that require "mirroring" .  Dancing, walking, singing, sharing dessert, taking turns reading a funny or interesting piece from a book or website.  Practicing back and forth activities like these help us be more attuned and empathetic to our partners.  They are a physical expression of our partnership.
  • Do something that will make you love's life easier.  Take your wife's car to be washed. Call that repair person so your husband doesn't have to.  I am terrible about backing up my computer.  I always smile when my husband quietly takes care of that. These small acts cement our partnerships.  We can show we have our love's back through these little gestures.


Husband:"I am going to work hard, and someday we are going to be rich."

Wife: " We are already rich, dear, for we have each other.  Someday maybe we'll have money.  Anthony de Mello in The Song of the Bird


Diane Melancon

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