The Importance of Nurturing YOU

Oct 18, 2014

self nurturing.pngThe days are getting shorter.  We’re inside more.  Kids are back in school which is good but the activity schedule has started in earnest with back to school nights, games, parent teacher conferences, and concerts.  Before you assemble that Halloween costume, take to step back and take care of yourself.  The Holiday season looms right around the corner.

As the leaves turn on the trees and the nights get chilly,  it’s time to re-charge YOUR battery! Here are some ways you can take care of you

  • As always remember to breathe - Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes, relax your muscles, take 5 or 6 deep breaths

  • Have a nice cup of calming herbal tea.

  • Go for a walk and kick some leaves around

  • Throw a footballl back and forth with your kid or your partner or best friend.  Don’t worry about feeling silly.

  • Think of ten things you really like about your kids and your spouse.  Smile.

  • Find a beautiful looking apple. Cut it in two.  Smell it. Slowly eat it without doing a single other thing

  • Build a fire.  You can do this in a fire pit or fireplace but if this  safe option is not an available to you, simply light a candle.  If it smells good to you, all the better. Stare into the flame for a while.

  • Sit down with that beautiful coffee table book you loved when you bought it, but haven’t really looked at yet.

  • Participate in a hobby - something just for YOU

What's on your list of self-nurturing activities?

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Darcia DeSalvo

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