Let go of worry and notice the positive

Jul 11, 2015

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Summer can bring lots of memories and fun times - fireworks, picnics and parties. Summer can also be very stressful and exhausting - busy schedules, not enough down time, grumpy kids, and arguments with your partner.

Did you know when you are exhausted or stressed you are more likely to feel anxious and worried? It is important to remember the more you worry and the more you have negative images floating through your head the more you are creating a neuropathway making it easier and easier to worry. Oftentimes one negative thought leads to a cascade of negative thoughts leaving you overwhelmed.

Notice the good things happening around you. Instead try to imagine positive outcomes and thoughts. Imagining positive things will increase your sense of calm. When you are less stressed, your brain will function better and you will be able to manage your parenting and relationships more effectively. Calm can be contagious! Maybe your spouse or teenager will "catch the calm."

If you are having trouble getting to calm and think it is time for professional help call us now for a free phone consultation Diane 303-907-7072 or     Darcia 303-726-4560.


Darcia DeSalvo

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