Apr 13, 2015


When faced with a difficult dilemma in our lives we are often paralyzed with anxiety or even fear.  

We put off facing difficult situations thinking we can make a choice to act later.  But Russ Harris, an expert in ACT therapy (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) points out that, crazy as it sounds, choosing not to chose is choosing.  Here's more of what he has to say:

"Whatever your dilemma, you’re already making a choice. There’s actually no way not to choose. Each day that you don’t quit your job, you’re choosing to stay. Until the day you hand in your resignation, you’re staying there. Until the day you start that course, you’re choosing not to take it. Until the day you stop using contraceptives, you’re choosing not to have children. Each day that you don’t leave your partner, you’re choosing to stay. Until the day you pack your bags and move out of the house, you’re staying. Each day that you don’t sign the consent form for the operation, you’re choosing not to have surgery. And in the career-versus-family dilemma, you’re already choosing how many hours you spend at work and how many with your family."

At Embark Counseling we are here to help you with those difficult dilemmas.  We can help you make a decision that is consistent with what you most value in life and support you through that process.  

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