Living the Balanced Life: Bumpy or Smooth Ride

Jun 29, 2016

Feeling out of balance? Spending too much time on things that have no real value to you, while the dreams and goals most important to you are neglected or forgotten? We are searching for balanced life.When we are living a balanced life we are giving adequate time to pursue our interests and values.

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Summer time can mean more down time and vacations.  This  is a great time to review our life balance.  It can be a time evaluate each of the important areas in our lives. Picture your lifestyle balance as a bicycle wheel.  It's a perfect summer day,  and you are out for a bike ride on that wheel. As you are riding down the path what would your ride look like?  Wouldit be smooth and effortless or bumpy and rough.  Here are some questions to think about to balance that wheel.

  • am I living a balanced life?
  • what areas need more attention?  
  • what areas can you let go of?
  • what can I do to round out my life?
  • are my true values reflected in the areas of my life I prioritize?
If you need help in smoothing out your ride contact us at Embark Counseling.



Diane Melancon

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