Will your home be a Happier, More Peaceful Place in 2015?

Jan 05, 2015

What would it take to make your home a happier, more peaceful place in 2015?  

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What would it take to feel more connected to your spouse? Maybe you would like to reduce the yelling at your kids? What would make you look forward to walking in the front door each day to see your family?

Here are a few ideas I would suggest:

  • Pay attention to your marriage.  Make sure you and your spouse are getting the support, safety and connection you both deserve from each other.  If this is not working, stop immediately and address this.  Your children will thank you.
  • Tell stories, laugh, tell jokes, have in-jokes and nicknames and dance now and then.  We don't have to be so serious all the time.  Kids love to see their parents be silly.  Kids are funnier than a TV sitcom. That is why there are so many Youtube videos of them. happy hands.jpg
  • Consider fewer after-school activities. If you are racing to get to soccer, ballet and/or karate every afternoon and evening, it might be time to re-evaluate. If you find you are constantly scolding your kids about getting in the car more quickly, putting on that uniform or losing equipment it might be time to reconsider the costs and benefits of the activity. 
  • Keep voices down.  Sometimes the volume just gets out of control around the house.  Make sure you are in the same room with the folks you are talking to.  See if your kids listen better if you speak softly.  Some children are really disturbed or feel out of control when the volume is loud.  They may not even know this is upsetting to them but their behavior shows it.
  • Help others.  Create a family goal to help others in 2015.  Consider helping in a homeless shelter, raising money for a favorite charity or collecting books for a children's literacy program.  Research shows giving raises the hormone levels associated with happiness. Why not do it as a family?
  • Practice quiet breathing.  What if everyone in your family practiced 10- 15 minutes of quiet breathing each and every day? What if parents set the example and kids made this a part of their routine? 
  • Be vulnerable.  Be the first to say "I love you."  Tell your spouse that you appreciate their hard work but miss them when they spend so much time at the office.  Tell your children what you struggled with as a child and how you got help.  Tell family members what you appreciate about them, what makes you grateful and what makes you feel joy. It takes courage to be open but it's worth it.

These are just a few of my thoughts.  I would love to hear from others how they plan to make their homes a happier, more peaceful place in 2015.

If things have gotten more serious in your home and you need help getting back on track, please call us at Embark Counseling for a free phone consultation.  You can reach Diane at 303-907-7072 or Darcia at 303-726-4560. 


Diane Melancon

Diane is a Partner with Embark Counseling get in touch with her at diane@embarkcounseling.net

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