When bad things happen

Mar 12, 2015

Bad things happen.  

We lose a job, we become sick or injured, some one betrays us somehow, we lose a loved one. Taking the next steps are painful.  And the pain is unavoidable.  How do we accept the pain and live the life we want to live?

SECRET.pngThere is a valuable observation from an unlikely source, the Steven Spielberg movie, TAKEN.  "When something bad happens all you want to do is get your old life back.  So you build a wall around your old life.  But it's not your old life at all. It's your new life with a wall around it."  

If you are struggling with a difficult event in your life let us help you find other options besides building a wall around your life.  Let us help you discover ways to live the life you desire. 

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Darcia DeSalvo

Darcia is a Partner with Embark Counseling Get in touch with her at darcia@embarkcounseling.net

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