Parenting Your Out of Control Teen: A book review

Feb 16, 2015

parenting book.jpg A book review...

If you are a parent of teen who is acting out this book is for you.  

This book offers lots of practical tools to help parents understand why their teens are having problems.  The author outlines 7 steps to increase structure and love in your home while parenting your teen effectively.  

In the first chapter the top 7 reasons for misbehavior by your teen are highlighted.  The top 7 reasons are:  

  • Unclear rules
  • Not Keeping Up with Your Teen's Thinking
  • Button-Pushing
  • Teenager Drunk with Power
  • The Pleasure Principle
  • Peer Power
  • Misuse of Outside Forces 

In the next few chapters Scott Sells, PhD, identifies ways to get ahead of your teen, setting up "iron clad" rules, identifying loopholes, and preparing for your teen pushing your buttons.  

In his final chapter he discusses ideas of how to build your relationship with teen.  Spending quality time, hugs, and finding positive things to tell your teen are just a few ideas he discusses.

If you are struggling with your teen, I urge you to read this book.  Scott Sells leaves you with strategies to try, barriers to prepare for and confidence to try new things.
 If things have gotten more serious in your home and you need help getting back on track, please call us at Embark Counseling for a free phone consultation.  You can reach Darcia at 303- 726-4560 or Diane at 303-907-7072. 



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